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Gianna Campa

Gianna Campa has been singing since she charmed the crowd of her third grade talent show. From a young age, she understood that music is a direct route to the soul, whether one is making it or listening. Throughout her life, singing has brought her so much joy and community, from her time in professional acappella to recording and performing backup vocals to her more recent endeavors in solo gigging. As a psychology major at Columbia University, her studies inform her art; her genre is catharsis. She chooses songs that convey the complicated highs and lows of the human experience, exploring the tensions between pain, hope, love, and existentialism. Being trained in the practice of singing as storytelling from the age of 12, her voice conveys the many colors of life’s emotions. Through singing, she not only hopes to entertain people, but to make them feel seen and understood, especially in our daily struggles with mental health. She believes that sharing stories through song is one of the most beautiful forms of human connection. Above all, she wishes to foster a sense of community amidst loneliness through live performance.

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